Unlocking the full potential of plant-based foods through novel protein ingredients

From Lost Food to Functional Protein Ingredients

Exceptional food experience without animal-based ingredients

Liven develops animal-free protein ingredients that help plant-based foods achieve their full potential in delivering taste, texture, and cooking experience.

smooth mouthfeel of shakes

juiciness and bounciness of meat

fluffiness and moistness of cakes

By going animal-free, we allow scalable, environmentally-friendly, and cruelty-free protein production to feed the growing population.

We brew proteins instead of producing them from animals

Fig. 5 Large Fermenter

We understand why certain foods taste and feel the way they do, on a molecular level. We develop protein ingredients to address functional challenges in plant-based food formulations, such as the right gelling strength, desired emulsification properties, and expected changes in properties during cooking.

Thanks to synthetic biology, we can now make these protein ingredients using engineered microorganisms. We use under-utilized plant-based materials in the agriculture and food value-chain – the lost food – to grow the microorganisms and produce the desired ingredients.

The protein-making microorganisms are grown in large-scale fermenters, and the protein ingredients are purified to eliminate off-odours, and enable clean label. The process is scalable and highly reproducible.

Fig. 6fields2

Liven’s mission is to enable circular economy in the food industry to make it more sustainable. The process involves using side streams from food processing industries and converting them into protein ingredients. This ensures that food raw materials are utilized to the fullest extent, without any food being lost.

Enabling circular economy in the food industry

A more sustainable food industry, empowered by synthetic biology and precision fermentation

Fig. 7laboratory

We need more sustainably produced foods to feed the next billion. This includes making more proteins than what we produce today through the $1.4 trillion animal industry, and reducing the 1.3 billion tons of annual food loss and waste.

At Liven, our vision is to address both these challenges by transforming lost food into highly valuable protein ingredients. We are using the power of synthetic biology and precision fermentation to achieve this transformation.

Schematic of how Liven’s precision fermentation technology enables circular economy.

Fei Luo

Fei is a co-founder of Liven with over ten years of industry and research experience. Her previous roles involve working with SiREM Labs to commercialize a microbial technology transforming petroleum hydrocarbons contaminants to benign end products. In her other role as an environmental consultant, she introduced molecular biology tools in the energy and resource industry to assist environmental decision-making. Fei holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and is passionate about bringing circular economy to the food industry.

Pratish Gawand

Pratish is a co-founder of Liven and has over fifteen years of experience in the bioprocess industry. Pratish’s previous entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding a synthetic biology company Ardra Inc., as well as industrial experience in pharmaceutical company Biocon Ltd. Pratish has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Ondrej Halgas

Ondrej is the lead protein scientist at Liven with over ten years of research experience in molecular biology, protein expression, purification, and X-ray crystallography. Ondrej has led collaborative research projects on structural analysis of pathological prion protein transformation and determined over 10 protein structures, and co-authored 5 peer-reviewed publications. Ondrej has a PhD in Structural Biology from the University of Toronto.

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